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  • Craig Mitchell CEO

Fireworks must see!

Jumping on board one of Sydney Harbour vessels for New Years Eve 2019/20 is a bucket list for most people around the world. It is also an annual thing for many Aussies too. A lot of our clients return each year because they know that 7hours aboard a quality vessel is the best way to experience the fireworks.

Our BYO alcohol drinks cruises are very popular, no lining up for expensive drinks or having to drink something you don't really like. Bringing your own drinks to the party means you can splurge on a nice bottle of champagne or wine. I remember last year I served a young couple on their honey moon, from the states, a bottle of Moet with a bucket of prawns. They looked at me and asked if the bucket was all theirs? I said yes! They sat in the one spot all night and had the time of their lives. Then another couple danced all night and nearly missed out on the fireworks. Everyone has their own agenda but the most common theme for the night is fun and laughter.

At Sydney Harbour NYE Cruises we have proven to be one of the best agents in Sydney for over 14

years, we love the our job and take pride in showcasing Sydney Harbour on NYE. 

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